Advising the client during this transformation process, from the development of a strategic concept to the operational implementation. The approach ensures that the traditional low-margin business model, largely based on outsourcing, is evolved into digitalized business models in new growth fields.


We perceive the complexity of conducting Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and take care of all minute issues while producing good quality EIAs and provide services for obtaining environmental clearances for projects coming under various sectors like construction, township, high-rise buildings, industries, forests, irrigation, infrastructure, CRZ, SEZ etc.


Providing Energy Policy Advocacy and Auditing services. A professional energy audit gives a thorough picture of organization. What can be done to optimise system.


Providing IT solutions meeting the challenging needs of clients in the global market. We go beyond the traditional definitions of consulting, by innovating to bring solutions that dramatically improve the efficiency in your business.

System Dynamics

We believe that in an increasingly complex world the philosophy of ‘everything is connected to everything else’ is a must approach to holistically solve the problem with minimal externalities. We believe that System Dynamics, through analysis of the complex feedback processes that are a central characteristic of our society, could improve the understanding of the world that surrounds us. We develops research solution and future projection of real-world problems, acting as a bridge between Stake holders and the public/private/Government sector.


Linking high quality research with practical policy advice on water issues with a bearing on poverty, aiming to provoke, contribute to and influence debates on water and sanitation.