Some of Our Partners


NEXT FMS | NEXT Facility Management Solutions
NEXT FMS is a facility management organization based in Canada, which provides both strategic as well as operational level with a vision to better understand the clients and help them achieve their business objectives.


Aqua SPE is a largest online knowledge platoform and provides services to build engaging knowledge sharing communities for various sectors. The Water Network by AquaSPE AG is the leading online knowledge sharing platform and business exchange for global water professionals.


The urdhvam team consists of dynamic people who are passionate about environmental sustainability. We have over 52 years of combined experience in groundwater and water management, waste management, GIS & Remote Sensing and environmental sustainability. This gives us a unique position to combine and showcase our expert knowledge in the sustainability space with the ability to develop and evolve technological innovations to address the pressing issues of environment, which sets us apart. We believe in making a positive change in restoring and improving our environment.


They specialize in smart city technologies and provide the tech and resources to make it happen. Their work includes smart water&electricity meters, smart eWallet, surveillance, planner,  media management and a host of other smart technologies to make your living simple.


AEEE is an industry association created for the specific purpose of convening companies and organizations (manufacturing companies, end users, service providers, utilities, academic and R&D institutes and other non-profit organisations) interested in creating a thriving energy efficiency sector in India and providing a unique platform to actively participate and support in energy efficiency policy formulation and analysis.


MANN DESHI FOUNDATION has been empowering rural women and their families, particularly in semi arid regions, since 1996, with a mission to develop the intangible assets of women – tech and business skills, property rights, leadership – to reach rural economic empowerment.



Originenergy believes, after analyzing more than 100 countries in the Asian African Region as well as some of the most advanced developed nations across various regions of the world, that one of the most critical but fundamental input required to bridge the gap between Developing & Developed World is enhanced & sustainable Modern Energy Access. This requires locally available global quality knowledge, expertise & technology across the energy spectrum to be fast tracked in order to harness their Energy Resources as per growth demands.

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At Green Pyramid Solar we are committed to creating energy solutions that are eco-friendly, practical, and economically viable even in the remotest corners of India. We make solar based systems that are affordable, durable, and easy to install in any location. A unique feature of our setup is that our engineers come from remote villages of India – indigenous talent that fully comprehends the rural setting to come up with original and creative solutions for that environment.